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Her nation is divided. A spiritual war is raging. Can she lead the remnant out of captivity?


Naïve twenty-year-old Lincoln Gordon is desperate to start her life away from her protective father. Blinded by romance to the worldwide unrest all around her, she’s totally unaware the soldier she loves is a government plant. But her beliefs face their biggest test when she’s ripped from her home and dragged to an internment camp for the faithful.


As the world outside collapses and those around her are drafted into a global police state, the distraught young woman’s starved mind falters. But when a brutal attack blinds her, she’s gifted with vision that could be the key to ridding the planet of its demonic tormentors.


Can Lincoln heed the call to fight for God’s truth before humanity falls into devilish hands?


Siege of the Remnant is the powerful first novel in the Gifted Chronicles futuristic Christian fiction series. If you like true believers, dark wake-up calls, and quashing unholy dystopias, then you’ll love Stefne Miller’s reimagining of the Book of First Samuel.


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