Dive Deeper

into Siege of the Remnant

Warning: These questions contain spoilers!

1. What do you like about the story?

2. What do you find hard to accept about the story?

3. What does this story say to you about God?

4. What does this story say to you about humans?

5. What does this story say to you about the church? 

6. How does this story impact you? Emotionally? Spiritually?

7. What character did you relate most to and why?

8. Can you imagine having any of the spiritual gifts? Which would you most likely have?

9. Lincoln wrestled with her faith and gifts. Do you ever wrestle with yours? If so, why? 

10. Lincoln had to deal with her own emotional wounds and gaps before she could help others. 

11. How did you feel about the religious leaders of the HOB? Do you see anyone like them in today's society?

12. Do you find yourself afraid to ask God to open your eyes to what is truly happening around you?

13. If you could see demons attached to you, what do you think you would discover?

14. If the horrible circumstances that happened to Lincoln and other believers happened during your lifetime - would you have been thrown into the mall or left untouched? Why or why not?

15. Do you tend to depend on your church pastors/leaders to direct your faith or inspire you to believe? If so, why? 

16. In a time of uncertainty in the world, do you tend to live in a place of fear or faith? Why? Does that need to change?

17. As a society, have we placed a distance between ourselves and God - to the point that he's become more of the general idea of an almighty versus the intimately connected God? 

18. How can you form a more intimate and personal relationship with the Lord?

19. Who do you know that could benefit from this story? 

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